India Inc. How India's Top Ten Entrepreneurs are Winning Globally | by Vikas Pota

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The emergence of India as a future superpower might have been the talk of countless summits and conferences in recent years, but as we move into a new decade, without a doubt, her strides become increasingly confident and bring into the spotlight some of its most prolific and successful entrepreneurs, who’re taking on and beating their global competitors in their own back yards.

Through this book, Pota narrates the phenomenal and inspiring journeys of these icons, many of whom have gone from being garage start ups to achieving stunning global success in their lifetimes. Through his book, he argues that Indian sensibilities will increasingly shape business debates around the world.

This book is an effort to sift through the jargon, dust off the myths and spell out in simple terms what the future of India Inc holds for the country in particular, and the world at large.

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